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About Szabad(ka) robots

Autonomous hexapod walker robot “Szabad(ka)” is developed for testing and developing algorithms connected to motion, robot vision, decision making and robot networking. This hexapod robot was given the name “Szabad(ka)” because it incorporates the name of the city where it was designed as well as hinting at its main feature, namely that it can be openly (‘szabad’) developing platform for user specific needs.

Walking machines are desirable because they can navigate terrain features that are similar in size to the size of the robot, whereas wheeled and tracked vehicles are only suitable for obstacles smaller than half the diameter of the wheel. Furthermore, if given an ability to find locally horizontal footholds in regionally steep terrain, they can climb extreme angles. Applications potentially include reaching territories which are unreachable or dangerous for humans, exploration, mining, military, rescue, and industrial environments, on earth and beyond.

We designed intentional nonlinearities into the structure of the robot. The drive was assembled with a step-by-step approximation. With the help of the stepwise approximation, we can better highlight the effects of the obtained nonlinear process.