The company’s main activity is development and research in the fields of analog and digital signal processing. We are doing research and development in the under mentioned fields:

  • Biomedical instrument development,
  • Robot techniques’,
  • High speed measurement, data acquisition and data processing,
  • Development of digital sound technology equipment,
  • Radio data transmission and data acquisition,
  • Fast automatization,
  • Servo motor drive, motor actuation, CNC milling machines,
  • Multichannel high precision impedance measurements equipment,
  • Ferromagnetic material tomography equipment.

Our provided services and technologies are:

  • Development of embedded systems,
  • Development of electronic measurement equipment,
  • Development related to sound and picture analysis,
  • Development of target electronics, printed circuit board (PCB) design and prototype assembly, running and testing,
  • Microcontroller (ARM Cortex M3, M4, MSP430 family) programming in ANSI C, C++, Asssembly languages,
  • Digital signal processor (DSP TMS320 family) programming in  ANSI C, C++, Asssembly languages,
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) development in C, C++ languages (Qt),
  • Creating web user interfaces in HTML, PHP, CGI, JavaApplet, JavaScript languages,
  • Communication between computers, microcontrollers and DSP’s via (USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, UART, SPI, I2C, I2S, CAN).